Sailboat split pt.1

Took 3 big linemen friends on a small 2 person sailboat. After sailing for a while, we tried to come about, but put too much weight on the front. It split in half and we all ended up on one pontoon and we all straddles it looking like idiots. We were like a half mile away from land so we swam for 40 mins

Chicken noodle soup for the homicidal motorist’s soul…

I live in San Diego, where such events are unfortunately and stereotypically common. Upon seeing a green light, I was “bolted” by a man who violently sped out of what would have been a wall of stopped cars across the intersection. I swerved off course and stopped, making what would’ve been vehicular manslaughter into a very near-miss. I, in the midst of it all, caught a glimpse of the driver. A worried man in a suit who was also trying to eat a cup of noodle soup nearly killed me today, and it was the most hilarious thing.

 - Y.S.

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This afternoon it was very wet in Essex (United Kingdom). I was driving back from work to pick up my two daughters from childcare. I was trying to exit the roundabout and my car started aqua planing. I was just extremely scared as the car spun around and I couldn’t control it. When it stopped I was fAcing wrong way with other drivers luckily just stopped. I
Managed to turn around. I wasn’t going fast but possibly tyres are underflated. I am a lucky woman today. But please all be safe and inflate tyres and don’t speed if raining especially

Wrecked car

Today I was driving my unsafe piece of junk vehicle home from work, going 20mph under the 55 speed limit due to ice, and still ended up going in a steep ditch, hitting a guardrail and a tree. I blame the U.S. Economy for me not being able to find a decent enough job to where I can afford a halfway decent vehicle. but all is well, got pulled out of the ditch ($50) and don’t care about the damage to vehicle already a piece of junk anyway. just glad to be alive, I honestly closed my eyes and accepted that it was my time as I saw the tree coming. be careful and please do what u can to drive a safe car.

Italian Job

Spun my car on a snowy mountain road and came to a standstill 2ft away from the edge. No injuries, but very scary. 

Fell down from lorry

Fell down from lorry today while it was moving..knocked my head and went unconscious for a few seconds. Woke up disoriented and dizzy. Went to check and luckily nothing happened except for painful abrasions and bruises. Thought I was dead when I woke up.

Almost Got Killed by My Boyfriend

My boyfriend used force to try to drag me with him into a speeding vehicle even as I was screaming and struggling with all strength I had and I’m just so thankful than an angel of God gave me all the strength I needed to stop him. 

I was leaving my sister to work today about 6:30 am and I still had a far way to go to get to school. During this month I feel really depressed about myself, I feel like a life loser. On a way back, I put loudly on Metallica-For Whom the bell tolls and accelerate to feel rush, feel bit alive but still angry of who I am. Someone behind me was driving really close with his nice Mercedes so I decided to keep up even thou I’m driving a Clio. I was doing about 80 mph, that car was still close behind me and I totaly forgot about fact that roads in the morning are frosty… when I approached sharp turn I didnt think of slowing down. Then I felt my car sharply sliding to other side of road. I never slide before with my car and not at such a speed. I only start driving for 3-4 months. In my head however, somehow I know how to correct the slide and turned wheel really fast into slide, the car though slide unto other direction and than I had to do it quickly again and than again… there was car coming from another turn, whoever was driving that car they had no idea I lost control over my car. I was sure I’m going to crash, kill myself and probobly people in car driving on the other side. Suprisingly I managed to straight my car up without a scratch. I drove bit further realy slow, stopped on the side, start smoking and I realise how stupid I am and now feel even worse about myself. I dont know what to do with myself, theres noone I can speak to heart to heart, tell them how I really feel and get help from them.