Out riding my motorcycle

I was ridning my motorcycle very fast (110-140 mph) on twisty country roads and was about to pass a slower car near a crossing.
All I see as I pass the car is a black SUV pulling out across the road. I brake hard and locks my rear tire witch makes the rear of the motorcycle kick out and swerve to the left to avoid the car. I just miss in the SUV that stopped in the middle of the road and I am able to squize between an oncoming car and the black SUV.
No more ridning for a white…

I went in the road and someone in a car was speeding, they beeped, almost hit me. 😞

Stuck in an Elevator

I was going to class on the 8th floor, yesterday with four of my friends and so we take the elevator like any other day then suddenly our elevator stopped between the 5th and 6th floor. Then the security guard on the intercom told us he’d get us out in no time, so of course we proceed as sane person would by taking pictures and having fun in general until 2 hour passed and our legs have noticeably weakened then when i tried to pick up my bag and it was much heavier then i remembered. We were also burning up as it was becoming increasingly hotter but we were still in a good mood and continued to have fun. Another hour later we begin to remove some layers of clothing as it was simply way to hot and we were starting to notice that what we were saying was somehow a little off as if we’d lose our train of thought easily and didn’t make sense 100% of the time and it was noticeably harder to breathe. When another hour came around we weren’t really talking to as much anymore and when we were we made absolutely no sense i remember asking my friend if he would like to climb the monkey tree? At this point it was so hot, i wanted to remove my shirt completely but i simply didn’t have enough energy to lift my arms. Then two of my friends were starting to fall asleep and i started to think to myself “this is how i’m going to die, running out of oxygen in an elevator”. Then finally the elevator started to move, when the doors finally opened we felt this huge gust of cool air and we were finally able to breath. We were clapping and shouting in glee, which woke up my other two friends. We had some difficulty getting up and carrying our bags but we were capable after a few minutes. We spent the rest of the day as if nothing happened, we went to our classes as usual as if we didn’t almost just die with only migrates to remind us otherwise.

There is a plan for me!

Okay, if any of you guys knew me then you would know that I am extremely blessed. I have been in my fair share of accidents and I probably shouldn’t be alive, but here I am and I know that all my thanks go directly to God. Today was one of those days. I was driving from work in the rain to attend my sister promotion. It was raining heavily and I was going a little less than the speed limit on the interstates here in Georgia, which are set at 65. I loss focus on the road for just a minute in heavy traffic (checking direction to my destination) and when I looked up I was about to run into the back of a truck. I swerved, and of course since it was raining I lost control of my car. Time seemed to slow and all the while I remembering thinking that I was about to die. I spun in two complete circles in oncoming traffic and finally came to rest in the same direction that I had been traveling. I didn’t touch the truck in front of my, nor did any other vehicle traveling touch me. The only damage I see to my car is on my front bumper but it’s nothing major. Today made me realize that the Lord must have a plan for my life and I’m gonna work hard to make sure that I take advantage of the continuous blessing of life that I am given.

swerving into saftey

last night i was driving by myself and turning right on a quiet road 2 mins away from my neighborhood. There was a car coming but i thought i could make this right trun…i did and when i checked my rear view mirror to see how much i cleared the other car, i noticed that it was in the left turn lane right next to me. i was so stunned to see that this car turned to save itself from hitting me that next thing i knew i was headed off the road. i jerked my steering wheel the opposite direction and lost control of the car Here I am swerving into the opposite lane so i jerked the wheel again and this time was headed straight into a pole. Luckily, i turned a little bit and just missed that pole. There were several instances where i could’ve died that night but i had an angel on my side and here i am typing this story because there is no way i can ever tell anyone in my family.

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5 days ago, I lost control of my car on a wet bend approaching Captain Cook bridge. I spun 540 degrees before wrestling the car to a stop, just a metre from the central reservation and 3 lanes away from where I started. There was only one other vehicle on what is normally a busy road. There was not a scratch on either myself or the car.

I relive the event several times a day, unsure if it even happened, amazed that I got away with it, that there was no collision, no subsequent pile up, no splash in the bay.

I came on here to seek some form of closure, it seems ridiculous, but to see so many eerily similar tales it is both scary and reassuring. To those in the same boat, it did happen, you are still here, these minutes are valuable because we got them for free. So go do something, add value to someone’s life, justify your survival.

All the best


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1 Second = Life vs. Death

I am still shaken up at what happened on my way to work this morning.  I was leaving my neighborhood as I normally do and about to drive into an intersection that had a green light that had been on for about 10 seconds because of a pedestrian walking across.  As I started entering the intersection, a car came barreling down through the intersection at 50 miles an hour without even stopping and just completely RAN THE RED LIGHT!! I had just a millisecond to slam on my brakes, and all of my things went flying in my car - that’s when I realized had I not slammed on my brakes that guy would have plowed into me, directly into my drivers seat…had it been 1 second later….I would have been dead or severely paralyzed.  I have a small car and I would not have stood a chance with that larger car at that high rate of speed.  I know that guy saw what he did and didn’t even car to slow down or stop…he just kept going…

This was a wake up call.  I thought about how my life would have just stopped at that moment and thought about my husband and kids and the immense love I feel for them.  I couldn’t stop thinking about what would have happened had I Ieft one second later, how my husband who is out of the country at the moment would have found out and when….how the nanny would have been informed, if at all, to reliever her from her duties, what my children would do without me, especially my little boy that needs me so much right now….or how long my body would have been waiting at the morgue for someone to claim me….all of these thoughts make me shiver!

I felt the need to write to acknowledge God and my guiding angels that protected me from sure death and thank them for their mercy in saving me. I am truly humbled at the thought of how quickly life can change by just 1 second…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Sailboat split pt.1

Took 3 big linemen friends on a small 2 person sailboat. After sailing for a while, we tried to come about, but put too much weight on the front. It split in half and we all ended up on one pontoon and we all straddles it looking like idiots. We were like a half mile away from land so we swam for 40 mins